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Social Media.

It wasn't that long ago when you had to book a holiday from a newspaper ad or, if you were a real chancer, from the Tourist Information Centre when you arrived at your holiday location.

Many holiday cottages were old, tired, rustic, can I say it?... Very 80's!

It's a completely new world out there now and social media is free with the opportunity to boost your post for a small fee, if you want to get extra some coverage.

I'm aware of 4 main Social Media Platforms:

Pinterest: - great for sharing and viewing photos - You maybe to gain some motivation and inspiration for your own holiday accommodation but you'll be unlikely to get many bookings from posting there. I personally just don't feel it's a platform that everyone looks at when they have a spare minute during the day.

Twitter: In my option you'll be wasting your time. Twitter is great for publishing figures, events or even having a political rant but I don't think it's for us in this industry.

Facebook: Now we are talking. People use Facebook every day - you can create a page for free, join groups set up for people looking for their perfect staycation and freely communicate with them. Highly recommended.

Instagram: People don't like to read lots of text (good tip for your website) and then you have the old cliche "A Picture is worth more than a thousand words"

No matter how "Cliche...esk" it is, it's very true and this is where your power lies.

I always suggest my clients use a mix of professional and their own day to day images on Instagram - it shows their personality - the personality that put together and designed their beautiful Holiday Accommodation.

It's Fun, all Free and gives you a chance to be a little creative - or go crazy and be as creative as you can!

Some days , you may feel as if you're getting nowhere but, in reality you really are getting somewhere. It's not about likes, it's about impressions.

Not everyone who see's a post will like it. But the fact that they have seen it, a seed is planted inside their head. When they see your property for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time then the more likely it is that it will stick in their head. If they love it and is suitable for their family holiday then the chances are they will investigate further.

The more someone sees your name and photos, the more they will stick.

For example, you get some pretty serious industries (Like Banking and Finance etc) showing some pretty silly adverts on TV - But they stick in your head. That's good Branding for you!

Post regularly about how beautiful your holiday cottage (and the area) is, what a guest could be enjoying and make them want to rent the place.

In the, take a look at mine?

Will they stick on your head too?


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