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About Me

I'm a professional photographer who specialises in high quality photography for Holiday Accommodation - including Cottages, Apartments, Boutique Hotels and B&B's.


Whether your property is at the high end, budget, or anywhere between, my aim is to help you increase and maintain your bookings.


In todays market you need to impress your guests pretty quickly when they view images of your property. This is achieved by invoking an emotion as the look at the photography. I do this by creating mood to your images by using a combination of natural, artificial light and post production techniques.


I am based in the centre of the country, so am within easy reach of most parts of the UK. I also plan tours to further away places so I can shoot for several clients thus keeping the price reasonable.With more than 20 years experience as a commercial photographer, I also have a strong marketing background so can offer you help and advice on getting the most from your images.


I feel very fortunate to be able to work with some of the most beautiful properties in the country, meet amazing people and really make a difference to their businesses.


If you are serious about your accommodation then please don't compromise on photography. It will determine the amount of bookings you take, and lose.


Contact me anytime for a chat about how professional photography can increase your bookings, or receive a quote without any obligation.

Holiday Cottage
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