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Why  Si Ranshaw?

Did you know that just one extra booking will normally pay for your professional photoshoot? Not just once but twice over.

A photoshoot with me typically costs around half of one week's mid-season booking.

Usually, shooting a 2/3 bedroom holiday property will provide you with around 100+ images (depending on the size of the property and detailed image opportunities).

Also, I don't just deliver basic "rooms shots" but also styled and close up shots which will show the character of your property, making it look cosy and inviting.

Professional images will help to create an experience and increase your chances of getting the booking instead of loosing out to the competition.



I bring along a selection of props including small artificial flowers, fruit, newspapers, bed trays, preserves, magazines and books to make sure the rooms look welcoming and cosy.

For a small fee (£10-20) I can bring along fresh food props including fresh croissants and pastries, cookies, cake, orange juice, fruit, and cheeses. 

This is completely optional and will be agreed with you before the shoot as you may have some items already.

My list of props is forever changing and evolving to make shoots look unique and even more interesting.  

Luxury Holiday Let Photography

Nice views, log fires and TV's

No need to light your fires as I add in flames during at the processing stage.


I provide both with and with images images as you probably don't want to use a cosy fire image on your social media on a warm summer day in middle of July.

If you have a nice view then we take extra shots to make sure that they are included in the shot - not just white windows. Same with a nice blue sky and fluffy clouds.

TV's can look a little awkward or distraction sometimes. Therefore, I often uses a gradient (see left) or add a local image to the screen.



Your Final images

There are no restrictions on how you use your images, other than resale.

Clients appreciate a large number of images as it gives them an extensive choice for either designing or refreshing their websites.

Many now bring in a large proportion of their bookings from promoting their accommodation on social media including Facebook and Instagram.​

My shoot will provide a good selection of images to keep your social media interesting and up to date.

I'm always happy to talk to owners about the benefits of social media and help them with setting up, free of charge.


Give me a call or drop me a quick email for an informal chat anytime.

You can also click on the button below to obtain a quick quotation.


There's no obligation and I respect your privacy. I won't pass any of your information to anyone else.


Any questions or need any help or advice?

If I can help any further then please drop me a quick email or give me a call on 07743 815 902.

or get a Quick Quotation by Clicking Here.

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