The day that everything opens again.

To most of us, the current situation is daunting - it certainly is for me.

The virus a community problem so remember you're not alone and there are many businesses, similar to yours, who are in exactly the same position. They understand exactly what you are going through.

Why not reach out to them as they understand what your are going through. Chat, be positive for each other, swap ideas, talk about future plans and what you are doing now to make your business even stronger from the day that everything opens again. Support each other and you'll make friends that will last beyond the virus and be mutually beneficial in the future.

And I can't stress enough for you to keep posting on Instagram and Facebook. Like, Comment and Friend. Don't try and oversell, but show your human side - people hate being sold to during a crisis. Be creative, tell people what's going on and how much you look forward to seeing them when all this is over. Be creative with your camera phone - there's plenty of tips online.

Remember that a huge percentage of the population are currently working from home and look to social media more regularly during extended breaks and for an escape.

I'm trying to update my blog regularly at the moment so please come back every few days - or drop me an email I'll notify you of updates when and as they happen. You can also follow me on my Instagram account @SiRanshawPhoto.

I'm also creating a new Facebook Group to try and create a community of Holiday Rental Owners to offer help, support and friendship to each other. Like every community page it has to start somewhere so please join and recommend to your friends, and let's all fight this together.

Stay safe, positive and get ready for the day that everything opens again.



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