Social Media to help you.

Everyone's taking about social media nowadays. It's an enormous source of potential guests for you, it's free, and it's not complicated so please don't be scared off by it.

Social media today is dominated by 4 major platforms and the following is my personal opinion ...

1. Instagram: Great for hotels and holiday lets. It's complete free and takes advantage of the fact that the majority of people don't like to read lots of text on the Internet (phone or computer). It's very much photography based which is great because people form an impression in less than a second when they see a photo of a hotel or holiday let. You can also link your website to your profile and posts and can use professional images, snap on your phone, or use both. With 111 million users worldwide it's a big pot of sales leads for you.

2. Facebook: Talking to my customers, Facebook may bring in a few bookings here and there but it really works for keeping in touch with past guests thus encouraging repeat business.

3. Pinterest: Like Instagram, Pinterest is a photo based platform but people tend to use it for inspiration rather than get into the mood to travel and spend their leisure time somewhere beautiful. It hasn't really taken off to it's full potential yet but who knows in the future?

4. Twitter: Very much text based but you can now add photos too. In my opinion, Twitter is great for announcing company profits and shares etc. using just a few words. But in all honestly could you describe how wonderful your accommodation is using just 280 characters? Perhaps Wordsworth would struggle and maybe Donald Trump would make a mess of it?

Scheduling: One important thing to take into consideration using the above social media platforms is scheduling. There are peak times when people are using social media (normally on their phones). I swear by a website called which allows you to schedule all your posts in advance in a fraction of the time. You can save captions and #hashtags. 1 and 2 of the above are the most important platforms for my business too but allows me to post to all 4 simultaneously so I may as well include 3 & 4 too. has several account levels staring from a free one which is probably adequate for most small businesses. The first paying one of just around £6-7 a month but whichever, it will save you heaps of time and effort and make posting really quick and easy.

Now you just need to create some accounts (if you haven't already) and add some photos. I don't just supply rooms shots for you website and but also lots for you to use on social media so you get noticed and bring in more guests.

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