Ready for 2020?

If you've had a busy season and whether you've been fully booked or not, then I bet you're looking for a bit of a rest, and some time to do some maintenance.

Believe it or not, the next few weeks are when people are starting to plan their travel for 2020. Christmas and the beginning of January are when receive the most searches.

Have a quick look through and sadly there are plenty of properties still with poor photography, often done by the owners themselves without the adequate equipment and techniques. I don't just take a photography and send it to you - there's an awful lot more to creating a good professional photograph.

The great thing about good photographs is that they aren't terribly expensive, you will normally get more than that money back from increased bookings. Good photography sells you your business for you, taking away of a lot of the hard work and worry.

Accommodation portals like, websites and social media are your shop front to tell the world amazing and inviting that your accommodation is.

How is your shop front looking?


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