Planning ahead, returning to normal.

When the lockdown was announced most of business's were in total shock. Hotels, B&B's and holidays lets were forced to close their doors and the public told to stop travelling. Nothing could be worse for the industry. When confronted by such a lifestyle change plenty of people froze for a while and wondered what to do next.

Now, the initial shock is over, people and businesses are becoming more accustomed to the temporary lifestyle change and starting to look ahead. Maybe a little decorating is underway, changing things around for the better and marketing themselves for when things return to normal.

And if you haven't started already, then it's a good time to start planning for for the end of lockdown when people will begin to come again. We don't know if they will come in their masses or if it'll take time for confidence to return. Either way you do need to be prepared to make up for lost time.

Try and use this time to make sure your name is out there, and in everyone's minds. Be positive as people need hope. Most social media is free and more people are using it more than ever. People will be dreaming of normality and getting away from home. Get out your camera phone and get creative today. Photograph your local sunsets, changes, nice features around your business. Take your phone out for your daily exercise.

Show off your new photos along with the ones you've had taken professionally before the crisis. Here's one taken with my phone on my daily walk/exercise last night :)

Most importantly: stay positive and stay safe.