Marketing & social media during a crisis.

Updated: Apr 1

The current crisis has affected us all in this industry, myself included. One question that I've seen a lot of recently is... "Should I be still be marketing my business on social media during the crisis?"

Im my opinion, as a photographer and former marketing professional, the answer would be "definitely" However, a different way to how you'd normally market yourself.

At the moment, social media is being used more than ever. A lot of people are working from home and turn to social media for their extended breaks, and as a temporary escape.

One day soon this crisis will be over, and we all need to be prepared for it. It will be a huge advantage if you can keep your name out there in a positive way. By making a positive impression they will find your business when they need you, when the good times return.

One of my tips is to try not look as if your'e selling something - people don't like being sold to during a crisis. Soften your tone, make it more personal and sensitive to the current situation. Tell people about what you're doing behind the scenes, your plans for the future, and get creative with your camera phone. Show your audience that you too are human, and not just a business.

Please subscribe to my blogs as I'll be trying to write more regularly in the next few days and weeks with any advice and tips that I come across.

I'm also creating a new Facebook Group to try and create a community of Holiday Rental Owners to offer help, support and friendship to each other. Like every community page it has to start somewhere so please join and recommend to your friends, and let's all fight this together.

Stay positive and stay safe.


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