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Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Not so long ago, people used to choose their accommodation in some very different ways. Little square adverts in newspapers and magazines, arriving in town with suitcases and family in tow, perhaps spending hours wandering around looking for "Vanancy" signs. Some methods are still around like referrals from friends and family, or maybe they've been staying I the same place for years and years.

And then came along the internet, websites and social media. Those little square adverts have all but disappeared.

The cheap flights of the 70's dented the UK tourist market but now it's climbing back. Out with the "Basil Fawlty" and in with high quality Holiday Lets, B&B's and Hotels. It's a new world.

The market is always changing. A couple of owners once said to me that they are always busy with regular guests so therefore, happy with their early 00's website and home made images. This can change in an instant. Older guests pass on, parents without kids want a different type of holiday, and the kids become adults, marry, have families of their own, wanting something new, different, high quality and with excellent customer service.

Here's a good fact finding exercise for you. Do a Google search on accommodation in yours or another holiday location. Look at the images on websites, and TripAdvisor. Which ones would you like to stay in and which would you avoid?


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