Improving and planning for the future.

Updated: May 18

It's been a crazy few weeks but hopefully there is now light at the end of this dark tunnel. One thing is for certain is the day things return to normal is growling closer by the day. We can't yet predict when be but I promise it is on its way. My advice is to use every day as wisely as you can.

It's still really important that you continue to market your Hotel, B&B or Holiday Rental. Don't be forgotten. Social media is free and keeps your business visible to your market. Contact me if you need any free advice on social media.

There are so many other things that can be done during this quiet time. Take a step back and try look at your business through the eye of your guest. Find things that can be improved - I constantly look through my work and see things that I could have done better. It's a constant learning process.

Does that duvet really go well with the decor and other colours in the room? Does it look classy enough to encourage better paying guests? Spend some time looking at interior designer websites and Instagram accounts. Look at other holiday accommodation and compare it with your own - there's plenty of examples here on my website and also on my Instagram account @SiRanshawPhoto.

If you're a hotel or B&B. then does the breakfast you serve look at it's best? Do small grilled vine tomatoes look more appetising and classy than tinned? Do my guests prefer simple tinned tomatoes? Shall I offer both?

Some of these will depend on your own unique markets and the guests you want to attract.

Some of my ideas come from my past marketing background as well as working within the industry. I'm always keen to hear more so please contact me to share some of your ideas and experiences..

Stay Safe.


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