Happy New Year and Decade.

Another year and another new decade. It's really amazing how much photography has changed since the beginning of the last decade in 2000, shortly before I embarked on my photographic career.

For me, this years big change is moving to a full frame cameras and tilt shift lenses to compliment the ultra wide angle ones I already use. What does this mean? It means clearer, neater and better composed images.

A lot of people still think that a professional property photographer walks into a property, snaps away, goes home and emails the images to the client (although sadly there are a few that do). There's really a lot more to it than that.

For each final image I provide to a client, I shoot a variety of images to take into consideration the correct colours in each room along with the natural light coming in through the window. As many as 6 (or more) images will be merged and painted to create a single final image, and all by hand. That's how I get the correct colours in each room along with the right light - and the window view too if there is one.

All the vertical lines in the room will be vertical and not at a slant, no matter how small the room is.

So next time you look at a property image - do the white walls look white and are the vertical lines straight or do they converge at an angle?


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