Christmas is the most important time of year for Holiday Accommodation.

It's almost that time of year again. This month and next are when the shops (high street and online nowadays) make their money. A bad Christmas can make or break a shopping business.

However, when the tills fall silent on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, is when things start to come alive for Hotels, B&B's and Holiday Rentals just like yours.

Did you know that internet searches for accommodation peak between Christmas Day and 8th January? More people search for holiday accommodation on during this time than any other throughout the year.

It's the time when family are together, with lots of time to make plans for their holidays and breaks in 2020. It's the time when people have time to be online, to dream of warmer weather, lighter days, romantic breaks, family time outside, exploring new places and revisiting old ones.

Now the time to ask yourself a few questions: How does my accommodation look online compared with my competition? Does my accommodation look lovely and inviting on my website and social media. Are guests choosing to stay with the accommodation down the road instead of mine?


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